There are plenty of positions available with us right now.  We have inbound call center Customer Service, Tech. Support, and Sales positions avaialable. 

You can telecommute with all of these positions.  We offer hourly pay.  With us you will get paid for ever hour that you service (no sales based or active talk time compensation here).

Flexible hours - everyone will be able to pick which hours they would like to work from a master schedule released weekly.

Contracts available with several large companies (telecom, cable, vacation, cruise, roadside assistance, retailers, and more).

Welcome to CB Staffing, LLC

We partner with Arise to bring you one of the most steady and reliable work from home programs.

You will work at home, servicing real Fortune 500 companies with your phone and computer. Many companies are learning that by keeping their jobs in the United States and outsourcing to Independent Contractors, they can keep their cost down while still offering excellent care to their customers. Because of the fact that Arise only partners with Corporations, with CB Staffing, LLC partnering with Arise, you can join us and take advantage of these jobs offered by the companies. 

Working as a CSP (Customer Service Professional), your performance on the job reflects what your pay is. There is always a minimum, but most clients offer higher pay for better quality of work.  Some factors that will determine your base pay are which client you work for and what type of job it is. Most CSP's earn between $8.00/hr. and $18.00/hr.

Let us show you how easy it can be to start working on your terms. We offer hourly pay, flexible hours, and the option to choose which client you will work for.